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KJ Mobile
Notary Services

  • Category :Website Design
  • Clients :Kathryn Lunsford
  • Date :01 May 2023


In the fast-paced world where accessibility and convenience are the watchwords, businesses need to evolve to stay relevant. At Social Swarm Marketing, we understand this challenge. Our project with KJ Mobile Notary Services offers an excellent example of how we used technology and expertise to make a traditional service more approachable, user-friendly, and relevant in the digital age.

KJ Mobile Notary Services Case Study

The Challenge

KJ Mobile Notary Services was looking for a comprehensive online solution to streamline their operations. They wanted an intuitive website that could deliver key information about their services, enable booking appointments, provide a platform for client inquiries, and act as a resource hub for related content. Additionally, it was crucial that the website conveyed trust, reliability, and professionalism, reflecting Kathryn Lunsford’s expertise and certifications.

Our Approach

To meet these needs, we designed a straightforward, easily navigable website. We provided sections for services, pricing, FAQs, and contact details, delivering all necessary information in a clear, concise manner. We wanted to ensure that users could quickly find the information they needed, make bookings or inquiries, and learn about notarial needs from the integrated blog.

KJ Mobile Notary Services Case Study

Services & Pricing

We ensured the service and pricing details were transparent and easily accessible. With a straightforward fee structure, potential customers could quickly estimate the cost of required services.


The FAQ section answered common questions related to the notary process, providing users with a sense of trust and assurance in KJ Mobile Notary Services’ expertise.

KJ Mobile Notary Services Case Study

Contact & Booking

We integrated a smooth booking system for users to arrange appointments easily. The inclusion of clear contact details gave users multiple channels to communicate their needs.


We incorporated a blog section, providing value-added content like articles on quitclaim deeds, estate planning, and how to become a mobile notary. This not only helped position KJ Mobile Notary Services as an authority in the field but also improved the website’s SEO performance.